KCG helps organisations create Monitoring and Evaluation programs to judge the effectiveness and productivity of projects relying on a database of each organization. Our research team are experts in the field with years of experience in creating and implementing M&E plans. We handle all aspects of your M&E plan creating tailor-made elements for your business. KCG covers all steps of M&E from start to end:

Goals and Objectives

The first step is to create an M&E plan is to identify the program goals and objectives. After that we create intermediate outputs and objectives for the program to track steps to the general program objective. 

Program Indicators

After goals & objectives are defined, KCG defines indicators to measure your progress. We use both process and outcome indicators to track the process of your program and the success of its activites.

Data Collection

KCG defines the most suitable data collection methods for your program and how often data will be recorded to track indicators. Afterwards we create a table of data for your staff to know what data is needed and when.

Roles Divison

In this step KCG decides roles and responsibilities for each indicator during the planning of your monitoring and evaluation program. KCG team ensures to collect your data accurately and in a timely manner.

Analysis Plan

After data has been collected, KCG analyzes it to fill in a results table for internal review and external reporting. The M&E plan will include a section with details about what data will be analyzed and how the results will be presented. 

Donor Reporting

This step defines how data will be distributed and where. The M&E plan should include plans for internal dissemination among the program team and dissemination among stakeholders and donors. 

ISO-Certified Quality Assurance

Kemet’s QA processes are officially certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. The ISO 9001 standard applies to processes and procedures for maintaining a quality management system, and the ISO 13485 standard applies to medical device companies and their suppliers. This certification is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented a quality management system that meets the medical device industry’s regulatory requirements, with a focus on risk management and strict quality control. Our QA processes are tracked and audited to ensure we maintain the highest level of life sciences translation quality.

Client Platform

Our secure, web-based platforms allow clients to request quotes, place orders and track projects online 24/7. You can download files, generate reports and view previous projects. All this and more with the click of a button.