Document Translation & Localization Services

Kemet provides document translation services that help companies, law firms and organizations succeed in the global marketplace. Kemet’s team of 8,000+ document translation professionals include subject matter experts (SME’s) that have been qualified through a series of rigorous tests. Backed by our ISO-certified processes and best-in-class technology, we ensure quality and accuracy from initial request through on-time delivery. Find out why thousands of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 200 law firms, and international regulatory agencies rely on Kemet for their document translation needs.

Localization (also known as “L10n”) is the process of adapting a product, document or website linguistically and culturally for the target market. Translation is just the first step in the localization process which may also include:

  • Adapting design (including graphical elements) for target markets
  • Layout to fit translated text
  • Addressing local regulations and legal requirements
  • Customizing content so that it resonates with the target markets
  • Converting to local requirements (such as currencies and units of measure)
  • Using proper local formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers
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Subtitling & Media Services

Kemet is a leading provider of broadcast quality subtitling and captioning for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and web-only videos and webcasts. At Kemet, we know that getting subtitles right is an art. It requires not only precision but also creativity to adapt, paraphrase, and capture both the style and substance of the original program—while also synchronizing the length of the translation to be readable to the audience. To customize each component of our subtitling services to our clients’ specifications, we offer a comprehensive selection of fonts, text color, styles, and effects. Our clients rely on us for subtitles that are every bit as funny, dramatic, and informative as the original dialogue. With capabilities in over 150 languages, Kemet will truly help your content reach a global audience.

Kemets provides a full range of transcription services for every form of multimedia including DVDs, eLearning and Internet audio/video files. We prepare accurate, multilingual transcriptions in over 150 languages and deliver finalized transcription files in any format you require. Whether you need a timecoded transcript of a video file or transcription services as part of a multimedia localization project, Kemet’s professional transcription services are always delivered on-time and within your budget.

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Coorporate & legal Interpretation Services

Kemet’s corporate clients rely on our team for simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation during business meetings, presentations, human resource training, conferences and seminars, and highly-sensitive client meetings. Our professional interpreters have the in-depth knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills to convey information accurately and with cultural sensitivity. We can provide on-site coordination and interpretation equipment, so that you can focus fully on your event and leave the interpreting to us.

Simultaneous Interpretation: We offer simultaneous interpretation for large events and conferences involving attendees speaking more than one language. We provide all necessary simultaneous interpretation equipment and technical support.

Consecutive Interpretation: The most common form of interpretation, used for one-on-one and small group meetings. The consecutive interpreter waits for the end of the originating sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation.

Sight Translation: A hybrid of interpreting and translation. Sight translation is the rendering of written documents in the source language into spoken speech in the target language.

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ISO-Certified Quality Assurance

Kemet’s QA processes are officially certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. The ISO 9001 standard applies to processes and procedures for maintaining a quality management system, and the ISO 13485 standard applies to medical device companies and their suppliers. This certification is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented a quality management system that meets the medical device industry’s regulatory requirements, with a focus on risk management and strict quality control. Our QA processes are tracked and audited to ensure we maintain the highest level of life sciences translation quality.


A full suite of translation services in over 150 languages and dialects. Our global network of 8,000+ translators (including in-country linguists) are experts in dozens of technical fields and subject areas.


Our secure, web-based platforms allow clients to request quotes, place orders and track projects online 24/7. You can download files, generate reports and view previous projects. All this and more with the click of a button.


Industry-leading CAT tools, translation memory and term bases for greater consistency, lower costs and faster turnarounds. From cloud-based platforms to customized machine translation, we've got you covered.