Corporate Social Responsibility

Kemet Consulting Group focuses on research, standards and advisory services in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Specialties include: Communications; branding; benchmarking; stakeholder engagement; employee engagement; digital communications and design, sustainability strategy and reporting; responsible competitiveness; materiality assessment; corporate social responsibility; sustainable development research.

Our services revolve around the ESG Goals and strategies; Environmental performance, social responsibility and responsiveness as well governance structures.

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Triple Bottom-line Strategies  

We provide case-specific tailored services and programs for your company that include but are not limited to the following list:

  1. Materiality and Needs Review  

Materiality assessment aims at determining and prioritizing the most relevant sustainability issues an organization has to focus on it. In this context, KCG offers technical expertise, especially with regards to:

    1. Identification of issue and focus areas
    2. Development of sound assessment criteria
    3. Integrative assessment approach
    4. Stakeholder engagement and outreach
    5. Risk and opportunity assessment
    6. Reporting and disclosure of progress and impacts
  1. Environmental Performance

KCG supports companies and organizations pursuing environmental advancements, identifying and managing associated the risks of their projects, developing robust processes and systems and ensuring compliance.

Our services in this sector include but are not limited to:

  1. Environmental Risk Assessment
  2. Gap Analysis against selected guidelines
  3. Stakeholder mapping and prioritization
  4. Policy reviews, assessments and revision
  5. Environmental strategy formulation including eco-efficiency management and climate ambassadorship programs
  1. Social Performance

We advise companies and organizations pursuing social involvement, identifying and managing associated risks of their projects, developing robust processes and systems and ensuring compliance.

Our services in this sector include but are not limited to:

  1. Market Place Engagement
  2. Work Place and Human Capital Development Projects
  3. Social Responsibility and Responsiveness focusing on healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, cultural projects, slum developments and women empowerment
  4. Policy reviews, assessments and revision
  5. Social Strategy formulation, evaluation and reporting
  1. Strategy and Governance

We adopt a systematic and holistic framework to determine the strategies and governance structures needed to accomplish sustainable development. In this sector, we provide several services including:

  1. Vision and objective setting
  2. Organizational structure and design
  3. Policies and process development
  4. Risk and opportunity assessment
  5. Strategy formulation
  6. Program development
  7. KPI’s and metrics
  1. Impact Assessment

Kemet Consulting Group adopts a proprietary, evidence and outcome-based approach to evaluate and quantify the impacts of an organization’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategy, programs, products and services. Using different metrics and KPIs, Kemet measures the performance of a company, communicates the results and sets future goals.

Our services in this sector include but are not limited to:

  1. Objective and strategy setting
  2. Development of Impact assessment tools
  3. Metrics and KPI development
  4. Impact Performance Scorecards and Reporting
  5. Impact-optimized products and service design
  1. Reporting, Communications and Follow-Up

Kemet’s Sustainability Reporting Services provide consulting throughout the full reporting cycle, assisting companies and organizations with the strategic sustainability reporting endeavors, maximizing the value and the output of the reporting and evaluation process. Our expertise spams across various accounts:

    1. Analysis of reporting needs
    2. Reviewing and benchmarking existing reports
    3. Developing reporting roadmaps, cycles as well as data collection and analysis systems
    4. Developing internal capacity to conduct reporting services
    5. Mapping and engaging stakeholders
    6. Creating communication and evaluation strategies