Competency based assessment tools are fundamental for every large company which is why KCG collects evidence and sets standards to judge the competency of your business and guides you towards developing it.

KCG’s expertise in competency based assessment includes but is not limited to:

  • Highlighting company’s existing standards and measures for individual and team performance and esatblishing new ones based on company’s needs
  • Setting a timeframe for achieving objectives
  • Providing tools for evaluating individual and team performance

Why Choose KCG for Your Competency Based Assessment Needs?

  • Automatic Competency Reviews

KCG provides automatic competency reviews for your company’s performance resulting in excellent reporting and insights. Our reviews include workflow, reminders, and competency library editor. Whatever competency assessment need you may have, KCG makes it simple.

  • Evaluating Your Team

KCG uses standards to evaluate the skills and competencies of each individual in your team. Our evaluation may be done through forms or observation by an assessor. KCG will provide you with accurate analysis of individuals and teams working at your company identifying the strengths and weaknessess in individuals and teams.

  • Identifying Competency Needs

KCG will help you identify the areas where your company excels at and the areas which need further development. Our measures will provide you with accurate results ensuring your company’s performance stays sharp and your clients’ feedback remains positive. Contact us today to inquire about our competency based assessment service.

ISO-Certified Quality Assurance

Kemet’s QA processes are officially certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. The ISO 9001 standard applies to processes and procedures for maintaining a quality management system, and the ISO 13485 standard applies to medical device companies and their suppliers. This certification is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented a quality management system that meets the medical device industry’s regulatory requirements, with a focus on risk management and strict quality control. Our QA processes are tracked and audited to ensure we maintain the highest level of life sciences translation quality.

Client Platform

Our secure, web-based platforms allow clients to request quotes, place orders and track projects online 24/7. You can download files, generate reports and view previous projects. All this and more with the click of a button.